June 17, 2009

Knitting in General

I put knitting aside after the total abomination of my Meathead Hat & The green version of Thorpe to read World War Z. It's excellent, an "oral history of the zombie apocalypse". Usually I'm not that into science fiction, or really much of any pleasure reading when school isn't in session - but this book had me totally loving it.

That's it. I'm flying to Florida for a few days to visit my dad, so maybe knitting will make it down with me, but probably not. I've been baking a lot lately, lots of biscotti because its been such a chilly, cold summer that having the oven on is no big deal.

happy knitting:)

June 12, 2009

Meathead Hat

About a week ago I drove a half hour up north from me to visit my friends. Very close to their house is a yarn shop, so we drove right over. The first time we went, the store was closed due to the owner having a family emergency, and the second time I bought two skeins from Plymouth Yarn called Trabajos Del Peru, which is a beautiful yarn. I love it, it reminds me of Manos but it has the most perfect flow of thick to thin, combined with not so subtle changes in color.

Except the pattern, and I - are not getting along. And the yarn? It's pooling.

Check it out for yourself. I have no idea what to do(besides, obviously add more stitches).


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wrong size.

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