January 08, 2009

...Finished Another Hat!

So I finished another hat, which is awesome. The blue/red is slightly larger than the purple/green one, but I like it. I took some time off from work before I start the spring semester and I've been knitting a lot. The yarn harlot's unoriginal hat is super easy & fast because its knit in practically six hours tops. So, I'm loving it. I also posted a picture of all the yarn together, they are really beautiful, vibrant colors. I purchased it at Nangellini in Philly.

That's it. Thanks!:)

January 06, 2009

Finished a Hat!

I finished the yarn harlot's hat - I love it. Posted more pictures to Ravelry. For Christmas I also received the Winter Knits Kit, which is adorable and among other things, really sharp scissors(!!!) and an electric tea kettle. Love it, very happy. I've been simultaneously working on two hats, a second yarn harlot hat & a "rosta" type hat for a friend on my team. Both of which are moving slowly, however I plan to knit most of today, so maybe I'll have another hat to show for it. I have three skeins of Talinay for three separate hats. Which means I plan to knit three separate hats - the yarn name reminds me of Elane's boss on Seinfeld but I don't watch the reruns often enough to know if I'm right or not.

The boyfriend also mean to get me a ball winder, but something fell through so I bought one for myself. It's small and adorable and I wound a tiny ball of sock yarn but considering that I don't own a swift it was slightly odd - and the way the ball was originally rolled also didn't help the re-rolling process.

I'm forcing the boyfriend to take pictures of my finished Smittens because I've been using them nonstop since I cast off and I really need to get some finished pictures. They are absolutely amazing and I DEFINITELY plan to knit another pair. They would probably be best knit during the summer since they are pretty small, they won't keep you too hot or grossly warm, you know?

I start Local University next Monday which totally sucks because we have two separate week long breaks so they are starting the semester a week early which just totally absolutely sucks. I spent a lot of my break working, knitting and sleeping which I must say, was probably the best use of my time away from school.

More pictures soon!

**forgot to mention, I bought myself a new camera! Sony W120, 7 megapixels, which is up from 4 so I feel pretty awesome about that. Its super tiny and adorable and PINK! so I will hopefully have lots of new pictures to post.