October 18, 2007


I have been having a particularly difficult time signing up for classes next semester. Saturday morning, still in the dark, (530 am) we are leaving to drive to New York to play some other lacrosse teams. I will be working on some reading for class, as well as my ear flap hat. I have ribbed about 6 or 7 rows since I casted on for the front and back, with the ear flaps on as well. I like it very much. I've seen how ribbing looks compared to other types of brims, and I prefer ribbed.

I hope to have a large amount of the hat done when I get home from an all day lacrosse tournament. I hope to also have enough sanity and energy to take pictures and post them. I am very upset with myself for only posting once a month the past few months and I vow to change that.

I vow.

Local U Lacrosse had games this past Sunday. We seriously owned. After this weekend we get a week or two off and then we train without sticks. This means weights, cardio, all the not-so-fun stuff. For myself I will probably have very little time off because I have strained or sprained my left quad. Occasionally the athletic trainer hooks me up to a machine that "stimulates" the part of the muscle that is injured. It is called stim and essentially looks like those things you put on someones chest if you are trying to measure their heart rate. In my case, it gets put on my leg and I get shocked. It's not a horrible shock, but it can feel unpleasant and takes some getting used to.

I've been feeling alittle goofy lately. I will explain why. I learned to knit back in Feb of 2005. I learned to knit because I no longer had lacrosse. Lacrosse is my love. I moved to Miami to attend college, I came home because I was sick, and at that time I attended Local Community College. I learned to knit because I had nothing else to do. I learned to knit to cope with doctors appointments, MRIs and bloodwork.

Local University and my high school lacrosse coach cooked up a nice plan to start a lacrosse team. What I didn't know is that when I went to watch a game in April, I would be invited to Local University's Open House the following Sunday. At that time, my former high school lacrosse coach would [basically] make me fill out an application and within the following six weeks, I would have financial aid, and a potential position on the lacrosse team.

I feel like I am living in a movie. I feel extremely fortunate to be enrolled at Local University but to also play lacrosse? This must be movieland, and that is why the post is titled as such. Now, I have the ability to play lacrosse and knit and I certainly plan to. One day, I will not be able to play lacrosse, but I will be knitting.

I don't know if I ever explained that, and I don't know if anyone cares.

:) -jersey

October 10, 2007

Hello October!

I can't believe another month has gone by. I had a long weekend and I decided to blog, and then I got sidetracked and I had a slightly bad day so I decided to have a photoshoot for one and rock out to some Sufjan Stevens.

Here's where I've been.

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Here's what I've been knitting.

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The beach pictures are from Belmar, NJ. It's popular amongst those who come from North Jersey and New York. Huge for college kids. I never quite understood that, but we happened to go there when they had things set up on the beach and people swimming on surf boards and other.. fun, beachy type things. Reminded me of California and that's a strange feeling in Jersey.

The beach chairs are mine and the Boyfriend's. Mine has the flowers. We spent a great deal of time in those chairs chatting like old ladies.

I have had my eye on the Calorimetry pattern for such a longgg time. I finally decided to cast on for it two weekends ago. I knit it on needles that were too big and doubled the yarn. I don't know why exactly, but I frogged the entire thing after I showed my mom and her boyfriend and we had a good laugh. This past weekend I casted on and knit from Thursday to Saturday night. I sewed the button on and I was done. I love it. I've been trying to wear it as often and with anything. I think I could probably go down a needle size or two and make it a wee bit tighter on my noggin. The yarn is 50% cashmere, 50% merino from the SchoolHouse store in NYC. I tried Google-ing it but I can't find a website. I know it was in NYC, and it is sooo soft and warm. I've also thought about blocking it, perhaps the shrinkage will help it fit better.

That will be next weeks project:) Since then, I busted out some of those beautiful bamboo DPNs that I got off eBay and casted on for two sets of ear flaps. Only after I knit them, while watching Bones and House, Tuesday night haha, I realized I made the increases wrong. So I gotta pull them apart and redo them. That won't be hard. The yarn is beautiful baby alpaca I bought in Naples, Florida. I've got it in that light dusty pink, a darker red and a creamy white. I haven't figured out what exactly I'm doing with it, perhaps striping, maybe not, but it will grow up to be an earflap hat. Specifically, Ski Hat with Ear Flaps (aka The Red Baron Flies Again). I've been dying to knit an ear flap hat, and this pattern doesn't seem that difficult at all.

In other news, the baby blanket is coming along very, very slowly. I'm thinking of just letting it sit and getting some smaller items knit. Maybe a pair of mittens? I hope to have a pair of game socks knit for Local University Lacrosse. I think I mentioned I'm playing lacrosse at Local University, and we have our first games this Sunday. We're playing 4 30-minute running clock games which isn't that bad. I've been practing a lot lately and it felt so nice to have merino/cashmere and needles in my hands instead of a lacrosse stick. I play with a wooden stick but even then, it's so nice to have nice fuzzy yarn in my hands instead.

October 20th we're traveling up north to play other teams and then we're done until the end of January. I plan to bring some knitting with me that weekend for the ride. The bad part of lacrosse is that I don't think I'll be attending the New York Sheep and Wool Festival this year. Saturday I have lacrosse almost four hours away and I thought about driving up on Sunday. I don't think it's going to happen though. Hopefully next year. :(

I hope to have more updates, the semester took me by surprise and it took some time to get used to a new school. This week marks the 7th week of school, which is almost exactly half way through the semester. I only have one more transfer seminar class (for students who have transferred) and I'm done with that class! I'm so glad, it felt like such a waste of time.

Sorry about the disappearing act, I hope to be updating more. Especially now that the cold weather has FINALLY come to New Jersey!


PS: I am on Ravelry but I haven't done more than admire other (capital K) Knitters. I feel as though I am still a (lower case k) knitter, and I'm slightly intimidated as to post anything. Also the time constraint has had me like a rattlesnake lately.

PPS: Sufjan Stevens is a one man band type guy, he sings all kinds of songs and todays rock out song is called, Super Sexy Woman. He makes me laugh and sigh and get the sniffles. He's one of the stranger artists on my iPod. Highly recommend him.