October 18, 2007


I have been having a particularly difficult time signing up for classes next semester. Saturday morning, still in the dark, (530 am) we are leaving to drive to New York to play some other lacrosse teams. I will be working on some reading for class, as well as my ear flap hat. I have ribbed about 6 or 7 rows since I casted on for the front and back, with the ear flaps on as well. I like it very much. I've seen how ribbing looks compared to other types of brims, and I prefer ribbed.

I hope to have a large amount of the hat done when I get home from an all day lacrosse tournament. I hope to also have enough sanity and energy to take pictures and post them. I am very upset with myself for only posting once a month the past few months and I vow to change that.

I vow.

Local U Lacrosse had games this past Sunday. We seriously owned. After this weekend we get a week or two off and then we train without sticks. This means weights, cardio, all the not-so-fun stuff. For myself I will probably have very little time off because I have strained or sprained my left quad. Occasionally the athletic trainer hooks me up to a machine that "stimulates" the part of the muscle that is injured. It is called stim and essentially looks like those things you put on someones chest if you are trying to measure their heart rate. In my case, it gets put on my leg and I get shocked. It's not a horrible shock, but it can feel unpleasant and takes some getting used to.

I've been feeling alittle goofy lately. I will explain why. I learned to knit back in Feb of 2005. I learned to knit because I no longer had lacrosse. Lacrosse is my love. I moved to Miami to attend college, I came home because I was sick, and at that time I attended Local Community College. I learned to knit because I had nothing else to do. I learned to knit to cope with doctors appointments, MRIs and bloodwork.

Local University and my high school lacrosse coach cooked up a nice plan to start a lacrosse team. What I didn't know is that when I went to watch a game in April, I would be invited to Local University's Open House the following Sunday. At that time, my former high school lacrosse coach would [basically] make me fill out an application and within the following six weeks, I would have financial aid, and a potential position on the lacrosse team.

I feel like I am living in a movie. I feel extremely fortunate to be enrolled at Local University but to also play lacrosse? This must be movieland, and that is why the post is titled as such. Now, I have the ability to play lacrosse and knit and I certainly plan to. One day, I will not be able to play lacrosse, but I will be knitting.

I don't know if I ever explained that, and I don't know if anyone cares.

:) -jersey

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Nicole said...

geez, i just saw your comment today (tonight? this early morning?). sadly, i have no good sweater pictures yet, but i managed to get photos of lots of other fibery goodness that are now up.
it's nice to have another college knitter find me; i'll be keeping tabs on your blog now. can't wait to see the hat you're working on!