June 08, 2010


I graduated from college a few weeks ago. Student teaching was rough and fun and took a lot out of me but I did it, I graduated and now I'm working on getting a full time teaching position.

More on knitting soon. I haven't knit since January thanks to student teaching and I usually crank out all my good stuff over the summer. Like fingerless mittens:) Considering I ruined a pair of mittens this winter, I need to make up for them.

February 15, 2010

well, i kind of suck

I kind of suck because I haven't posted in forever but I have good excuse! I have bonded with, and became best friends with my Min Pin, Lou. I am finishing undergraduate school, I gradate in May! I am currently student teaching, which is a teaching internship type thing and that is very time consuming.

I haven't done much knitting at all and I suppose its a good thing that nobody reads this because I neverrrrrrrrrrr update.