January 08, 2009

...Finished Another Hat!

So I finished another hat, which is awesome. The blue/red is slightly larger than the purple/green one, but I like it. I took some time off from work before I start the spring semester and I've been knitting a lot. The yarn harlot's unoriginal hat is super easy & fast because its knit in practically six hours tops. So, I'm loving it. I also posted a picture of all the yarn together, they are really beautiful, vibrant colors. I purchased it at Nangellini in Philly.

That's it. Thanks!:)

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Suzanne said...

Is Nangellini less weird and crappy than the last time I visited? When I stopped in, it was mostly art with a few skeins from Elann.com, which I thought was rather cheating.

Love the hats!