October 18, 2008

Getting Ready

I'm getting ready for my trip to Rhinebeck, NY. Which, if you don't already know is where the New York Sheep and Wool Festival is held! I'm so excited. We are planning to get there around 10 am, which is when the festival opens. I have two projects that I'm buying for. One of the girls that I play lacrosse with at Local University asked me to knit her an ear flap hat. I have previously used the pattern "Red Baron Flys Again" with great results. She wants it in a rainbow color scheme so my hope is to purchase some yarn for her hat. Now that I think about it I may actually buy some yarn to make myself a new hat.

Thats about it. I've been working on Smittens with no real progress. Hopefully I'll have them done soon. It's starting to get cold here. Tonight we finally got our first frost advisory!

This is it, I'll have Rhinebeck pictures up soon!

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