January 18, 2007

The First Post

Hi! Welcome to Jersey Knits! I used to mash knitting and my personal life into a myspace page, but decided that I want to have a knitting-only blog. A place where I can connect with other knitters and officially join the knitting community.

I learned to knit two years ago, thanks to my best friends mother. She's a great person, and she was very patient with me, and my rows of awkward and "held-to-tightly" purled stitches. It all started with a fluff scarf, and one dreary night in March asking if I'd like to learn. The rest is kni-story.

I am a natural yarn person. I like things that are not man made, like wool, alpaca and merino. I do own my fair share of acrylic yarn as well, but I prefer yarns that are soft. I am the proud mom of a spinning wheel, that would have ended up in a garbage dump. It's a little beat up but thanks to my best friends dad (married to the woman who taught me to knit) I only have a few more things to tweak before it will be ready to spin with. I did not receive paperwork with my wheel, but this is the closest picture I can find.

I'm new to blogger, so forgive me if things are slightly awkward. I hope to get the kinks out and learn how to utilize it.

I am a 21 year old college student, hopefully in the near and not so distant future, I will be a phys ed/ health teacher. This also means that I don't get to spend as much time knitting as I wish I could. I also don't have many friends my age who like to knit, and I often get teased about my knitting. I like to knit scarves and hats and I am proudly working on my first sweater.

I guess I should explain my knitting title. Originally a New Jersey native, I moved to Florida for the first semester of my freshmen year. The school I attended was a sweet Catholic-affiliated university. I made friends with a small group of people and quickly acquired the nickname; Jersey. I thought a lot about what to name my blog, I even polled friends for ideas. I decided on Jersey Knits because I was always fond of the nickname, and my time spent in Florida was fun although tumultuous. If I hadn't come home, I would have never learned how to knit. It's also a play on words, I'm sure you're aware of the fabric.

I hope you enjoy my blog, please leave comments and your blog as well! I'm looking to make other knitting/spinning/yarn enthusiast friends, as well as friends my age! It can be lonely to knit in your early twenties.

Welcome to Jersey Knits!

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Rubys & Purls said...

Hi Jersey! It is nice to meet you. I just learned to knit this past summer in June. I have always wanted to learn how to knit, but I didn't know anyone who could teach me. I did learn at an early age to crochet, cross-stitch, quilt, & use a sewing machine. All of these (except sewing my own clothes) pales in comparison to knitting. I am working on my first sweater, Eiffel from Knitty.com. The Sexy Knitters Club is hosting a KAL with two sweaters and Eiffel is one of them. Wicked is the other from Zephyr gals. Check these out, if you haven't already, they are really cute.

Stop by my blog, Rubys N Purls. Have a great day!