January 23, 2007

Resolutions and other Thoughts.

I love me some resolutions. I used to make resolutions and I don't know what would happen, I'd forget or go back on what I thought was a good resolution.. I suppose it doesn't matter. I have determined that if I reevaluate what I'm “resolved” to doing, every so often, I'll end up doing it. For instance, I'm trying to reform my eating habits. I've heard if you change them while you are young you'll keep up these habits as you grow older. So about a year and a half ago, I decided I would no longer add table salt to my food. Knowing what I know about the human body [I know things you could probably Google and find, but I'm in college for it instead ;) ] you need a certain amount of salt to perform normal, metabolic functions. That is why I didn't cut out all salts from my diet, because they are important. I digress.

I managed to completely stop using salt in about two weeks, and I was really proud of myself. Every so often I slip and use salt, but we're talking like once every few months, and that's okay.

About a year ago I decided to give up using sugar. I mean like sugar in my coffee or sugar added to anything although; I can only think of adding sugar to my coffee. I started using Splenda. Two packets turned into four and I realized: Sugar is harder to kick than salt. So I switched back to sugar, and I'm still work on weaning it out of my coffee. One day.

I've got a few knitting resolutions for 2007, and a few that may take a few extra years.. hey, lets be reasonable, not ridiculous. (The closer to the top of the list, the greatest the ability to get done this year, unless I hit the lottery.)

1.Finish Green Cascade Sweater (also known as First Sweater Ever)
2.Learn to use DPNs
3.Learn to spin, via spindle
4.Knit with my hand spun yarn.
5.Knit socks.
6.Learn to spin, via wheel.

That should keep me busy. I know its almost the end of January but I've been on vacation, and thats my excuse for posting my resolutions so late in the month. I was on vacation, getting tan. That is my amazing excuse.

I like the picture of this yarn. It looks delicious.

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That is about it for today. I'm traveling into NYC this weekend, and the high is 19 degrees. I am going to try and whip up some mittens, and maybe finally post some pictures by the end of the week.

Jersey Out!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You're on get stitchy!

Thanks so much for submitting your blog.

Anonymous said...

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