August 04, 2007

Slow and pokey.

I have to tell you, I was surprised to notice that I haven't blogged in a month. Where did the time go? I know I meant to blog, not that I have anything completed to show, but I did think a great deal about knitting over the past month. I didnt have a lot of time during the past month to knit, but considering [now, it's August] that we are eight months into 2007, I don't have a FO to show. Eight months and not a single FO?

So it got me thinking, I think I knit fast. I watch people turn out FO's all the time, but I work night and day on a sock and I didn't have to frog it at all and I'm not even close to done! I must be slow. A slow and pokey knitter. Perhaps, I may not feel the need to finish things. I don't have deadlines or anything. I just knit for pleasure, for fun. My boyfriend's mom recently commented [by recent I mean Memorial Day] that she has never seen me finish anything I started. She is accurate. I have a sweater that's been on hold since April, socks that I haven't officially frogged yet, a baby blanket and squares that I said I was going to send to Kansas. That didn't work out. So, I thought to myself, what's my problem? Why can't I finish anything? Do I have finishers anxiety?

Who knows. Maybe since I'm technically off from school, my brain decided it didn't want to knit either. Speaking of school, this is what I've been up to over the past month.

I've been taking a pre calculus class at Local University so I won't have to be in school as long. Next summer I've got quite a few classes lined up to take. I've also been running back and forth to Local University to sign different forms and turn others in. I'm going to be playing lacrosse there so I've been working out and on a special diet. It really consists of eating things that are good for me and not eating things that are bad for me. Its simple. Egg whites and whole wheat toast with Smart balance butter? yes Chocolate cake? no. I also gave up my morning cup of coffee so that I took about a week to get used to. Headaches are no fun.

I went to a wedding last weekend. I was the boyfriend's date, his cousin was getting married. Beautiful wedding on a local beach and even more beautiful reception, if there is such a thing.

I've been going to my local beach and I must report I have a nice warm glow :) I think Monday may be the next beach expedition. I usually end up throwing and catching with the boyfriend and whoever else is along. I use my lacrosse stick and they use an extra stick I have or they bring baseball gloves with them. Then we play in the water, dry off, relax and do it all over again. I brought the latest project, a baby blanket with me, but I only got about three rows done.

I also rearranged my room. Originally my living arrangements were supposed to be temporary. They are not quite as temporary as I initially thought, so I rearranged things to be more suitable for myself. I didn't take any pictures of my room because it isn't completely done but it is close :)

During the process of moving my room around I needed to hang up a mirror and cork board. I pulled out my handy dandy tool kit..

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My mom and her boyfriend have their own house tool kit but I couldn't resist using mine. How often do you get to use a pink hammer?

This is what I've been up to in picture form:

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School book are in the LL Bean or Lands End canvas bag (can't remember who I purchased it from), knitting is on the floor, working out materials are to the right of the bag and a recently purchased Basic Cooking that I found last night during at outing at Barnes and Noble with Mom. I read about half of it before I realized it was an excellent book for $9 (+ tax) and that I hadn't even glanced at the knitting section.

Closeups of the baby blanket.

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I bought the yarn at a slightly-out-of-the-way-yarn shop that's going out of business. I'm not sure what type of yarn it is, but I know its machine washable. I'll post tomorrow with that info. I pulled the pattern from a Debbie Bliss book that I had to return to the library [arrest me, I photocopied the pattern from the book] so I'm not entirely sure what that book is called... Could this post be a bit more half assed? I suppose it could, if I was like any other 21 year old at the Jersey Shore I'd be walking down the boardwalk to the next bar.... ahhh yes, see where I'm going?

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I think the first and last pictures capture the color very well, at least from my camera to my screen, anyway. The last picture has my manicured toes from the wedding. I figured they looked good, I could post the picture and not worry :)

I hope I have more to post later. Any ideas or comments about my laborious slow knitting would be more than welcome. At this point I'd be thankful if anyone still pokes their head around my blog. I think that I'll be more post-y during the school year again. Seems that the summer is a free-for-all on multiple levels, including but not limited to sleep, cooking, knitting, concentrating....

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Anonymous said...

I thought you might betaking the summer off. Welcome back to blogging . . . and knitting. It takes me a long time to knit a pair of socks sometimes. Less so now that I have a pattern in my head all the time though.