September 05, 2007

Not completely, if at all, knitting related.

I swear, I meant to update during the past month. I can't believe I actually went a complete month (again!) with no update. Well I've got a picture-less updated, followed by a picture update to come sometime over the weekend. I swear. Local University started August 27th, and I am aware that some parts of the country start school earlier than that, but in this neck of the woods, that's early.

The worst part might be that I spent most of the week before fulfilling various orientations. Some for transfer students, others for student-athletes. It made my summer seem squished and over before I was ready for it to be over. Perhaps the worst of the worst part of this entire event is that it was cloudy and some type of precipitationy, like rain or mist or something in between. Very depressing weather.

Good news! After my first week in school, I spent the beautiful, three day weekend on my local beach. Soaking up sun, and getting myself burnt on one half of my face(because I turned most of the day to talk to my boyfriend. Bad move.). I brought my knitting with me, but in the past two or three weeks - I've lost track of the days - I only knit during orientation, pretty much trying to pass time and get the nervous tension out of my system. It kind of helped.
People are slowly identifying me as the knitting athlete.

I haven't brought my knitting to school yet, as I've had a great deal of running around and homework to do, things are settling into a nice rhythm and I hope to get this baby blanket done, very soon. The baby was born in August, and no, I don't know what date. I haven't even had the time to visit the baby, but I've seen pictures and he's adorable and healthy and keeping his older sister up at night. I feel horrible saying this because even though it's my mom's boyfriend's sister, we're pretty close. (Think: step aunt if my mom & boyfriend were married, its easier that way.)

I don't think I have half the blanket done, and I really want to get it done and move onto other projects.
I have sooooo many projects I want to work on besides this blanket and I have to tell you that I'm tired of knitting it. These feelings kind of make me angry because I would love to knit this blanket but it feels like every time I spent a few minutes on it, I loose rows. I think I may start designating 20 or 30 minutes a day to working on it and perhaps that kind of... stick-to-it-ness may get the blanket done.

I hope.

I have pictures for my post later in the week. I got presents! Anyway, if anyone still reads, thank you very much. I appreciate it and hopefully now that I'm back to a regular, school schedule I'll be posting as often as I did last semester/this past spring.


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