November 15, 2007

Quick Mitten Story

My cousin made his confirmation today. He is officially a confirmed Roman Catholic. Afterwards, the family gathered at a restaurant and had dinner. It was very lengthy and I am the oldest of my cousins. Of the 7 of us (one of which is my sister who is 20) one is a boy, and we range in ages from myself (almost 22), my sister is 20, boy cousin is almost 14, his sister recently turned 10, girl cousin almost 8, girl cousin, almost 5, girl cousin 4.

I say almost __ years old because our birthdays (the exception is my sister) are between Oct 27 and Dec 3rd. Six of us are born within six weeks of each other. Boy cousin and I are one day and 8 years apart. Fun facts ;)

So, this is where I'm going with this story, outside of cousins, our parents are present at dinner, as well as our grandmother and her sister (our great aunt). Girl Cousin, who is almost 8 years old, somehow notices that my freshly finished mittens fell out of my peacoat pockets, and onto the restaurant floor. Of course, almost-8-year-olds are very in tune to what is on he floor of a somewhat crowed restaurant.

Naturally, she thrusts the mitten into my face, it is not shiny nor does it have buttons, so it is not interesting. I should mention, I all but kept my cellphone in my bra to keep it away from my dear, adorable cousins. As the mitten is thrust into my face, my grandmother yells across the table about how she wants to look at my mittens. I hand her the mitten and my grandma, her sister and my aunt start talking about the mittens. Granny tries them on, yells at her sister (she is nearly deaf) about how proud she is of me and my mittens and I knit them and the whole nine yards.....

When she hands them back to me, she points out that I have a hole in each mitten. (I had issues with the thumb, I'll point it out in other pictures) I reply that I never said they were perfect mittens.

She is not a knitter, although I asked if she wanted to learn. She said people who are 79 don't want to learn new things. I don't mind her criticism of my knits. Granny will say what everyone else is thinking, and I appreciate that. If she thinks my mittens are ugly, she'll tell me they are ugly.

That's all I had to say. The story didn't quite come out the way I wanted it to, but you get the idea. It made me laugh when she handed them back to me. I may or may not have my strongly desired photo shoot this weekend, because I have to write a paper for American Literature. I would also like to mention that I am a science major, and although English and other classes make me a better, more rounded out person, I would much prefer to take an additional physics class, than American Lit.

There. I said it.
knit on! - jersey

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Nicole said...

as far as spinning goes, i'm actually self taught. all i have (for now, haha) is a single drop spindle. i read the booklet that came with my kit, watched a few videos on line, and i was off! wheels kinda intimidate me right now, lol, although i'm hoping to get my hands on a kromski prelude or symphony in the near future.

love the mittens, and can't wait to see some more photos of your other current work! ^-^