February 01, 2008

Not a Good Update

There is something about the way the school semester starts and sucks the life force out of you. I haven't even thought about knitting, let alone actually knit a stitch. I'm currently working on a hat for my grandma. It's taken me three times to get the right about of stitches for her head. I think the third time should be good. I'm knitting a few needles down so that it'll be nice and wind-resistant. It's a thicker yarn, I think something acrylic and fluffy.

Sadly, I have been sick, and so the knitting will come out in between breaks from homework.

This isn't a real update, I'm sorry but both lacrosse and school seem to get at me with a vengeance.

Hope all is well!

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't checked your blog for a long time . . . well, since you were really busy with school. And now you are once again. It seems you have gotten a lot of knitting done, including those green socks. Thanks for sharing.