April 02, 2008

I wish school didn't rule my life

But it does, and this semester, so does lacrosse. I finished my first pair of socks over spring break which was two weeks ago, and sadly I have not had the time to post. This is all I'll share for now, because while I was sick I knit a hat for my grandma, but I'll put that picture up later.

These are socks that I FINALLY finished, using yarn that Shelia sent me. Its opal and its great. (I'm not sure how these pictures are going to load, bare with me)

Ok, so preview the pictures look great - awesome. I also included two pictures of my boyfriend modeling the scarf I finished over Christmas break for him, it was a very belated Christmas present (he didn't actually recieve it until Jan 17th) but I showed him the work in progress. He claims to really like it alot, and wore it several times around me, and not around me saying that he got a handful of comments.

I also told him that if we broke up for any reason, I get the scarf no matter what the circumstances, just in case he decided things were getting too serious, too fast. Although he did ASK for the scarf. Can't be too careful.

And! I also just added pictures of a hat I designed myself! and knit during the week I was [very] sick. I made it for my grandma and I did the decreases on three "sides" which gives it a Hershey's Kiss look. I like it. Granny likes it too. I used Lion Brand something or other, I don't know where the label is at, but I casted on three times and tried to knit something up that would block the wind (so I knit several sizes down from what the yarn called for) and randomly guessed the amount of cast on stitches. She also asked for the brim to be ribbed so that if her ears got cold she could pull the hat down over her ears. Hence, the design. Maybe not something I'd like for myself, but she's happy with the product and that's all I can ask for.

*I HOPE these pictures look as good in the preview as they do when I post. You can also visit my flickr page too, I didn't post ALL of the pictures there, just some in case I royally screwed up the picture posting here. Just search for Jerseyknits on Flickr as well as Ravelry.



Anonymous said...

Aw, your boyfriend has no face! But you feet look terrific in those sock - lol. Leah, don't feel badly that school ruins your life, I didn't watch TV for 8 years while I went, and it was totally worth it. (By the way, those eggplant hats I made are on their owners, and I think they would be thrilled to see that you made a comment since you asked for the picture last month. No, this is not a sneaky way to get a comment, but now that I've written it, I mgiht use it again.)

Nicole said...

ooo, I like those socks, and I LOVE that hat. It's so freaking cute.
Get rats! They're so much fun and have big personalities for such little animals. They're also pretty easy to take care of.
As for knitting, I just manage to squeeze it in as much as possible. I take a project with me just about where ever I go.

Hope school's going a little easier on you this week!