April 14, 2008

Super Duper Quickie

I think I may have made it so my blogs are viewable on Ravelry but I'm not sure. Also, and this is why I'm actually blogging, two of projects that I created, start to finish all by myself have become "favorites" of other people. They have little hearts next to the picture and that makes me super duper warm and fuzzy inside.

I tried to explain it to the boyfriend, how I basically created these patterns into existing and other people LIKE THEM! He didn't get it, but I'm sure you will, Knit-Community. Things like this, where I make my own pattern out of thin air, but more importantly that other people like these random acts of my mind may be the most satisfying part of knitting. I know I like some crazy, silly things, but to know that my recipiants like what I've knit, and even OTHER PEOPLE who don't have to see me on a daily or semidaily basis and who don't care about my mental well being... (haha)

Okay I think I've killed this particular topic. But thank you, that really made my day:)

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