May 19, 2008

Summer time, and the living's easyy

This is a pictureless post, not because I haven't been knitting but because what I've been knitting is in the process of being frogged. I started socks a while ago and decided that I wanted to make this wintery socks, and use a basic sock pattern but have a long leg, one that is depicted in the books and that may start half way up my calf perhaps. So I knit diligently on my sock only to realize that I had made some seriously stupid mistakes.

It was ripped, and started over. No big deal. Well now my stupid sock has one, very large and very obstrusive ladder near where the row begins/ends. I don't know what I did or how to fix it, and I am again, not that far into the sock, so it will again be frogged. I have to get over to the knitter's review forum and look up some info about why I'm getting ladders - I should say: LADDER. Just one. And its annoying.

I have also been plagued by a weird anxiousness about my knitting abilities. I'd like to knit things that are really nice, you know? That don't scream homemade, or if they do, at least look really nice and classy. I currently don't feel like that. I suppose I have poor knitting self esteem?

In the meantime I started what I am going to call a Girlfriend Scarf, which is the equivolent of the Boyfriend Scarf I made for Boyfriend. I couldn't find my notes for Boyfriend scarf so I improvised slightly by googling [ definition ] some stitches and came out with the mistake rib, so I'm using that to knit some type of equivolent for the Girlfriend Scarf. Although the Boyfriend Scarf was much more complicated than the Girlfriend Scarf currently is, and I had such a difficult time remembering the stupid two rows that made up the entire stitch.

Anyway! That's about it, I'm taking two summer classes - which makes me very happy and I'm still waiting to hear from all of my professors for my grades, but of five classes (three of which are science-lab classes) I've got some seriously great grades and I'm just waiting to hear from chemistry. Six credits are NOTHING compared to 18.

Ok gotta run, I've got lots to do and hopefully I'll have some pictures of SOMETHING up.

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