August 08, 2008

All Summer Long

All summer long I've been knitting, reading, thinking about knitting and in the process of redoing my room(new paint, new bed, new shevling, more conducive all around to studying). I have a cute scarf I'm working on, I'll post pictures. I also took a class this past Wednesday where I am learning how to knit socks from *the toe up, on *two circular needles, *two at a time. The astricks are simply pointing out the things that I don't know how to do. We were taught how to use a provisional cast on which I finally got the hang of, and I can't get over what a beautiful, absolutely BEAUTIFUL, seamless, wonderful! cast on it is. We're making a baby sock, and the second/final class is on Monday so I PROMISE to post pictures because I've been a horrible knit-blogger this summer.

I also found the pattern while cleaning my room, of the Boyfriend Scarf, so I'm posting that on Ravelry right after I post this. I have also gotten into loose leaf tea with my Bodum tea press tea pot. I love, love, love, love my tea pot. The Boyfriend bought me a 1-liter tea pot, which after I used it three times, my mom broke it. So she paid for me to get another, and this time I ordered the .5-liter tea pot and let me tell you- I haven't looked back. I love the size, it makes two perfect cups (I have large mugs that I drink out of) and I PROMISE to post pictures of my wee tea pot. Its beautiful, I love it.

I've been working at a local chain restaurant that opened up and I've been so busy. Between trying to get a loan for school and working and paying off my credit card debit(which I successfully did in 4 weeks) and last night I actually got rear-ended so now I've got to call insurance companies and I'm heading to the doctor's office in a few because my neck & toosh are hurting. It's been a wild, wild, awesome and crazy summer and sadly, I start school August 25th but I will post pictures, and I may even have a new pair of socks by the end of the month.

I hope!


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Suzanne said...

When I get back to the US, we should do a tea swap! I have some fantastic loose tea, and I'm always in the market to discover more.