September 09, 2008


The only reason my head isn't lost is because its attached to my shoulders. I've been so out of it with the start of the semester (three weeks strong ::gag::), a car accident, redoing my room and a semi-vacation I'm surprised I have knitting in hand. In fact! I finished a basketweave scarf (awesome!) and I am in the process of knitting what I call, Smittens. Smittens are actually the Urban Necessity Gloves by Colleen Michele Meagher and the pattern is great, easy and I'm about halfway done with my first pair and I'm sure not to be the last pair.

I decided to knit both of the glove parts first and knit the mitten caps second. I'll have pictures up I promise, the semester kind of took me by storm, and the car accident, well.. that just took me by surprise. (I was rear ended leaving my job, I serve aka waitress but not at a diner, I KNOW! you would think I would, living in New Jersey and all...)

thanks friends for reading, if you still read :)


PS: I MAY HAVE TALKED THE BF INTO GOING TO RHINEBECK. (just for Sunday, I have a lacrosse tournament Saturday)

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