May 27, 2009


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As I mentioned previously I've had the motivation of a well fed sloth, even with school getting out two weeks ago. I started a hat, then ripped it out because I didn't follow the instructions and apparently I have decided that I will be following patterns a bit closer since usually I just knit and then I'm generally unhappy with whatever I knit because I didn't follow the instructions in the first place. Get me? However, I wanted to knit badly a day or two after school got out, but instead I found ever single loose ball of yarn and wound it.

And I took pictures.

I have them uploaded at Flickr which seems to be better than how I previously used to upload pictures, so I suppose that I am going to have 8 "posts" today, 7 with pictures and one with text (this one).

But anyway, Suzanne & Nicole, you are great & I heart you! Thanks for reading, and I would love love love to knit with you Suzanne! Are we friends on Rav? Because we should be if we aren't!

Anyway I have a friend from Local University lacrosse that likes to knit so we are going to visit Yarn It which is about ten minutes away from her non-university house. We tried visiting last week, but the owner had a family emergency so we got to the yarn store only to find the store closed! It was horrible! However we are going to try again this Thursday, so hopefully I'll have more yarn to show you:) I would like to buy yarn for the entrelac hat or scarf I have on my queue on Ravelry . Thanks Nicole for clarifying the pronunciation!!!!

ok thats it for now, thanks for reading !!! :)

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