August 23, 2009

Nice new hats, and the day before the Fall semester

I knit quite a bit this summer, mainly hats, and I finally got around to getting some pictures taken. I liked this yarn soooooooo much! It's so soft and light, this hat is going to be mega super warm, on top of fluffy and beautiful. For my first baby cable hat, it hid some of my stupid mistakes, which I decided weren't so bad that I finished the hat rather than ripping out completely. I think you can tell I made mistakes if you study it, and I don't know that many knitters so I'm not worried about somebody pointing out a messed up cable :)


I found some adorable buttons at a local fabric shop that has an entire department dedicated to buttons. I was cranking out hats and not .. finishing them, so I sat down the other day and did that. I weaved in the ends to the Egg hat & got the buttons on their. They're cute, I like the hat so I might knit another one, but in a different color or something, and with different buttons (clearly!).


I love a good earflap hat. I have an adorable pink and white one. This isn't finished because I think I'm going to add little tassels or something to the Ear Flaps. I worked hard on this hat to get the colors to be really pretty, visually interesting and of course, throw some little baby purls in there. I love how they look like hearts. You have to ignore the picture, I was kind of sweaty !


The crown is alittle wacky, but I don't mind/care. I have another ear flap hat, the flaps are kind of stiff which I like.


I'm happy, and since its for me I suppose that is all that matters. :)

I've been going shopping for school clothes since I start school.. TOMORROW. UGH. And I'm going to be completing my 90 hours this semester which means more time in the classroom, and next semester I'll be student teaching. The problem I'm having is that while I can get pants in my size, and hemmed (I am so short) I am having a real problem finding nice, cute sweaters. I'm perpetually cold, so sweaters are a must. The previous experience I've had in schools is that they vary ALOT. I may be cold in one room, and sweaty in another, which makes a sweater or shrug a must. I have a few cute ones, but I've decided that I am going to try and crank out a shrug or two before the actual observation period starts.

I've picked out a few that I think are cute, and that if knit in a neutral type color I could probably wear with several outfits (which is what I'm going for). I am selling/trading some of my stash right now on Ravelry, so I'm excited about that, it means I can afford some yarn for the shrug(s)[check out my queue] and I traded for a nice handspun that I'm going to make a hat for Boyfriend's sister for Christmas.

I'm also really interested in this. It's a kit from KnitPicks that instructs you on all these adorable little ornaments. I can't believe I'm thinking about Christmas in August, but I am, for several reasons. I just switched jobs over the past few weeks, from one restaurant to another and I struggled all summer to do much of anything because I made very little money. I'm hoping to save up and go to: The NJ Sheep & Wool Festival, The NY Sheep and Wool Festival, Greenwich Village for Halloween (which means making my own costume) and again to NYC to see the Christmas tree, and a few trips in between for good measure, and excellent Cantonese pan fried noodles :)

I have quite a bit planned. Here's to the start of a good semester, my last one on campus full time, my (ALMOST!) last one as an undergraduate !

Happy Knitting! Jersey

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