August 05, 2009

Two Finished Projects!

I finished the Robin's Egg Hat . I just need to find a nice button and weave in my ends. Here are some finished object pictures, yay!!

I originally knit the Meathead hat, using this yarn but decided that I wasn't a fan of the pattern, so I frogged it and knit this instead.

I like this yarn a lot [Plymouth Yarn Trabajos Del Peru], its a very beautiful alternative to Manos del Uruguay. It's a little different, its got a thick/thin slubbness to it. I'm definitely getting more Boyfriend's 17 year old sister asked for an earflap hat for Christmas so I think I'll be using this.

I decided to make a cowl out of the same yarn, because, you know, I could. I'm trying to grow my hair out to donate it, and sometimes scarves are annoying because they hold my hair down, but they also keep my neck warm. The idea behind a cowl is pretty interesting I think, because it keeps your neck warm without really messing up your hair, so I knit the Wonky which was featured in the latest issue of Knitty as a surprise.

It's a simple, quick, beautiful pattern that really showcased the yarn I used. As you can, or can't see, the yarn had a pattern type of effect. It didn't pool like it did when I knit the Meathead hat (although I know that could have been remedied). It very naturally seemed to fall in place, which makes me happy because its one less thing for me to think about.

I love how it looks with my hair down, its nice and warm and kind of rolls under my chin in a nice way which is NOT! itchy!

In other news, I've been working on another hat, with another beautiful yarn. I bought it at Knitty City in NYC when I went to visit the Natural History Musuem. I'm making the Dean Street Hat, chunky version I love it! It's beautiful, doesn't require a cable needle and knits up really fast. I messed up so I had to frog it and reknit it but I'm loving every single second of it. I can't wait to get more of this yarn. I think I'll definitely be using it to make another cowl.

It knits up so quickly!

And heres a pretty picture of the yarn. It's a beautiful eggplant color. I'll have all of these pictures up on my Flikr account, and on my project page.

I've gotten quite a bit of knitting done this summer in anticipation of the winter. Here in Jersey we've gotten so much rain, I've been told that the winter will probably be mild, which makes me kind of sad. I recently frogged two projects from the very very very start of my knitting career that I am planning to work into another pair of Smittens and maybe a cowl or hat.

That's it for today:)


Leslie said...

I love the hat and the cowl, I feel the same way about them due to the hair issue as well. I am also growing out my hair to donate, right now. First time was before it fell out due to chemo, this time's a choice, can't wait to cut it! My mother was right, I do look cute with short hair.

ritarenata said...

nice yarn, good job, wonderful results.