July 24, 2009

I haz an ideaz

I was uploading some picture somewhere, I can't remember where, and they got "rejected" because they were too large. So I busted out some free software[paint.net] I had been introduced to through an education class, reduced the size of the picture, and re-uploaded, no problems.

Then I thought, "HEY! Why don't you do this with your knitting pictures! You always have such a redonkulous time trying to get them up, and a good size and blahblahblah." I started to get everything set up, I laid a towel down, I got things I wanted to take pictures of, and then I tried to turn my camera on.

My camera was not invited to the party, and now I'm sitting here waiting for the battery to charge a bit before I try my new idea out.

I frogged the Meathead hat, I decided that the idea is cute, but not on my head, and I've been working on the Egghead hat. I rushed the decreases and thought my head could fit, and it can't - so I SUCCESSFULLY! got some waste yarn and yanked out until I got to the offending row. Could not believe I did it, with only one minor issue, I missed a stitch, but picked it up as I went and have since knit two, "everythings ok with this hat now" rows, and an duly impressed with myself. I just need to knit alittle longer, and then patiently decrease and I'll be ok.

Last Thursday I had plans with a friend to play tennis. There was a 70% chance of rain, so we decided to go to the American Museum of Natural History and had a blast! We practically spent the entire day in that museum wandering around, and then I dragged him to Knitty City, a closeby yarn store. I bought some really beautiful purple alpaca which I plan to make into a nice hat, and maybe if I have enough left over, into a cowl type thing, like:this or maybe this.

I have a strange tendency to find patterns that don't really work for the type of yarn I plan to use....

And! check out our summer string bean crop :)

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