May 16, 2007

I'm a Proud Knitter

I think its allergies, or perhaps the fire burning south of here that's got my nose running a marathon. I'm all congested and stuck doing loads of laundry that I neglected over the past week or two. I've been looking at my sweater, and thinking about knitting, but not actually doing much of anything. I start a job tomorrow, which means more money for yarn and knitting related things.

But the reason why I'm posting, its because while I was hand washing a skirt, I got to thinking. I started writing a poem in my head. I started off with, "I'm a proud knitter." I've had all day to sit around and think about the poem because I'm really only doing laundry and cleaning up my room, but you can't knit and do these things at the same time.

I sat down at my trusty computer, opened notebook and started writing. I think I've got close to a page of knitted related poetry, which got me thinking. Maybe, maybe, I have a problem.

Here's the first stanza (which I feel is the best stanza, and perhaps the only stanza I think I'll share with you):

I'm a proud knitter.
I am 21 and my friends make fun,
cause I'm a happy stitcher.
My dad calls me an old lady,
but I think he's crazy,
Cause I'm a proud knitter.

Hi, my name is Jersey and I'm addicted to yarn and knitting. It's very nice to meet you.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of sons who were once addicted to meth. I wish it had been knitting!

mikev said...

I think that is awsome! Sheila is right it is much better to be addicted to Knitting, then Addicted to Meth lol

but anyway keep up the unique knitting/ poetry kiddo