April 26, 2007


Oh just when I thought I had my summer planned, I get an email from Knitter's Review with the subject of the review this week centering on 2007 fiber festivals. Now, I am definately not complaining other than my sheer lack of money to travel to all of the places on the East Coast (I've decided that upon winning the lottery and/or retiring, this is what I plan on doing). Here's the link if you don't get it emailed to you.

So here I am, sitting at my computer with roughly two weeks left to a hectic semester thinking about how I wish I could pull off the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I know a few people who live in Maryland, who probably have empty couches I could sleep on... except the very next Monday I'm staring down three tests in two days - sadly I need to look at text books instead of sheep. Most of the other festivals are far enough away that I haven't been daydreaming about them although I really can't wait until I'm out of school and have the resources to start going on some serious sheep-related road trips.

What I didn't know, and why I decided to post today, was that The Great Garden State has its own festival! About an hour in traveling time, and about a month before the much anticipated NYS Sheep & Wool Festival I think it would be completely doable. As in, I shouldn't have a problem getting there and back and perhaps even checking out one of those spinning workshops.

Do you think festivals would have a problem with video cameras?

As always, I am a slave to the textbooks. At least for another two weeks. Very little knitting has been occurring and I can feel the stress oozing out of my head. I've been working on a strip of knitting for Warm Up America! . I've been trying to incorporate unusual stitches or things I don't normally knit. This requires me to actually look up different stitches and I haven't had the time to do that. Well now that I mentioned it, I'm going to look it up now.

Okay, that's about it. Check out the Enormous List of Festivals, it's very vast and huge.


PS: Thank you Springtime for finally coming to visit us :)!

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