April 18, 2007

"Giving Back"

Some recent developments in my personal life, generally relating to school issues, have reared their evil, academic head and make me want to sit in the corner and cry. Thus just about any work on My First Sack of A Sweater is being put on hold until things calm down and I have some type of sanity. In the meantime I've been working for a 7 x 63 inch piece of fabric for Warm Up America! Something about the NYC trip has made me feel like I don't give back enough to the community, so I've decided on this. Its a simple project, it won't stress me anymore than it already has, but also leaves me with every few pictures to post.

I wonder sometimes if I should find a college where I can major in knitting and call it a day. The problem with a bachelors in knitting is that I have no idea what I'd do with it. Getting a degree in Education actually means I can grow up to be a teacher.

Perhaps a knitting teacher on the side? I think I've decided to save up for the Craft Yarn Council's knitting instruction program. I wanted to do it last year but I thought I lacked the experience, this year I lacked the lettuce.

That's all for now. Maybe pictures later this week.

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Anonymous said...

When I went to the university, it seemed that every semester, after midterm, my life went to hell and it was very difficult to keep up with the reading, studying for exams, and writing papers. It took me 6 years to get done and I NEVER watch TV during the entire time, but I got good grades. Nonetheless, I think this is the nature of hte beast, and once you are out of your mind and unfit to be among society, the semester ends. I'm sure you're doing fine.