February 24, 2007

Changes and Hugs

I'm going to redo the overall look of my blogger. I love green, but I feel it's too blah and overwhelming. I would also like it if my NJ Knitter button popped out of the background, among other things.

My plan is over the next week to find a background I like and change. Which probably means my text and link colors are going to have to change. I'm sure something else will go wrong, so whatever that could be, insert-it-here. Meanwhile, I made a list of all the things to talk about.

Topics to be discussed:
-March 22nd NYC trip
-Yarn stores in Southwest Florida
-Spinning wheel
-Yarn (of course!)

I would also like to mention that I have been making an effort to do two things: Work on my sweater and update more often on blogger. It's difficult to find things to talk about, but I think I've got a hefty amount of subject from the tiny list I just made. There isn't that much movement happening on the sweater, it was updated to a fresh new ziplock bag, and thats about it. I will probably take pictures once I'm up to the arms, until then it will just look longer and.. nothing more than that. I am also trying to take more pictures and post them and upload them because I know I love looking at pictures of what people have knit (or yarn or anything). In an effort not to bore myself to tears (and others!) I'm trying to incorporate more pictures.

For those of you with less-than-lightning-fast internet, I apologize.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love your spinning photo!

Thanks for all your thoughts while I was out of commission. I ahve another week before I return to work and I'm going to think of it as vacation time.