February 27, 2007

Boob Tube

The adjustments I made to the layout went really well. I suppose I've been so deterred by Murphy's Law that sometimes it feels I'm bound to screw something up. Almost especially things relating to computers, including but not limited to the internet, the computer itself, the monitor, mouse, keys, space bar and anything else that could possibly pop up and/or blow up.

Let's start crossing off parts of my topic list. I want to skip to YouTube because that's pretty easy to talk about. I have pictures set up and ready for two of the other topics but I don't have a large amount of time. I'd like to take my time when I tackle the rest of the topics.

I was bloghopping, (reading but not replying, clicking on links and otherwise admiring other knitters blogs) when I found this video about snobby knitters. I found it amusing. It's a bit long and sometimes the audio cuts out or is very low, but otherwise pretty funny.

The second video I've had posted on my MySpace page for sometime now. It's a cute cartoon of a knitter who has to knit.

This next video you may or may not be able to see. I have a profile at MySpace, and this was a feature video on the main page of MySpace. You may have to be a member to see this, and if that's the case I apologize. I may be able to save it to Photobucket and re-upload it. It's a fake documentary about a guy who tries to live with sheep. I am not politically correct, and therefore if you find yourself more likely to consider yourself politically correct, this may not be something you want to watch.

Sheep Man The Movie -Trailer

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I found a video on drop spindle basics. I find this very intresting because one day I'd like to spin my own yarn (via drop spindle and spinning wheel). I consider this more a knitting blog than all about wools and yarn but I use wool and yarn, so hey - Why not? It's nearly 8 minutes long, in case you were wondering. She also has a website that you can visit here!

The last video I found I actually can't embed into the site like the other two videos. Here is the link to Knit Witch. She demonstrates a variety of things. I have linked you to watch a video titled, "Turning A Heel With Short Row Decreasing" in my own personal ambition to get as much information about sock knitting. She has made quite a few videos which you can scroll through on the right hand side of the video. I wish I had these videos when I first started knitting! She also has a lovely website.

Okay, that's all I got for today, one topic down, four to go:)! At least, for now anyway.

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