February 01, 2007

A nonknitting-related post.

I am patiently waiting for my package. And by patient I mean I check the mailbox twice a day.... Just in case

I should get some pictures tomorrow of the mittens, hat & scarf - perhaps even in action! Here in Central NJ we're supposed to get some type of precipitation. I have a "Severe Weather Alert" on the bottom of my browser, thanks to Firefox/Mozilla. Something about showers of rain or snow.. !?

I love snow. Maybe I'll have some action pictures... or maybe I won't worry about cleaning my car off. I got a few rows done on my sweater, which I've decided will be the only thing I knit until I finish it. No excuses: GIT ER DONE! I made dinner the past two nights and success! Nobody died! Or got a horrible gastrointestinal bug of any kind! Improvement!

I showed a crocheter friend of mine the mittens today and she told me what I had suspected: one of my thumbs is funny looking. ::sigh:: I've been thinking about ripping out the thumb and redoing it, I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe in another few days I'll get sick of looking at it.


uberstrickenfrau said...

Oh, I so can relate to the pain of waiting!I won some yarn a couple of weeks ago and I'm STILL waiting! argh. Don't fear the thumb, it's an easy rip and knit.

Lynne said...

It should be there any minute, Jersey! You just hold on!