March 21, 2007

Feeling Like A Kid on Christmas Eve

I hit the gym with a friend of mine today after classes. We used to play soccer together when we were in highschool, and now we both attend the same college. I started telling her about the Yarn Harlot, etc. She doesn't get it, but I appreciate her because she tries to understand how excited I am.

I've been trying to figure out what I should bring with me, to keep myself busy. I am rarely bored. I usually always find something to keep myself busy with and sometimes just looking out the window is enough to keep me entertained. I was thinking about bringing my sweater with me, but I was worried I might drop stitches. I mentioned this to my friend and she had no idea what I meant, so I had to explain what it means to "drop" stitches.

Tomorrow, I won't have to explain why I'm worried about dropping my sweater stitches. (How AWESOME is that?)

I'm so excited. Mildly tired right now, but really excited. Ok enough blogging, I need to pack and get all my stuff in order.

I have a big test Monday so I'm not sure that I'll get to post pictures or blog much this weekend. As soon as I have a moment I promise to tell you all about it. :D !

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