March 19, 2007

Itinerary - Jersey Style

There's been an update and a general itinerary for the Big Day (Thursday March 22nd). I realize I'm a bit of a link whore, so here's the website for the Evite. Consequently if you click for the intinerary you can see.. well, a lot.

I'm kind of disappointed about the lack of yarn shopping. I'll be frank, I'm splitting up from the group after the Today show. I want to do things if a different order, and I want to visit as many yarn shops as I can. It's that simple. The other thing is that it seems like food costs are going to be high and I'm not rollin' in lettuce folks. I would rather spend as little as I can on food, and more on yarn.

Subsequently, (I'm on a big word kick this morning)I've got a working itinerary for anyone who doesn't have a sock, or would prefer a different route. (I should also mention my itinerary isn't color coded, so I'm at a disadvantage. If you check out Some Bunny & It's a Purl Man's itinerary, its pretty kick ass.)

This is an extremely flexible schedule. It could take fifteen minutes to eat and walk to the Museum of Art and Design after the Today Show, it could take an hour. Same regard for lunch. The only thing I am concerned with is not being late for the book signing/tour. I think an hour is a good amount of time to allot.

early morning hours ~~ travel to NYC
7am - 9am ~~ Today Show
9am - 10 # ~~ Breakfast / Walk to Museum of Art and Design
10am - % ~~ Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting at Museum of A&D
Noon ~~ Lunch.
1Pm -5pm ~~ Yarn shops
5pm-6pm ~~ Traveling to the Fashion Institute of Technology
6pm - 9pm ~~ Representin' with the Harlot
9pm - whenever ~~ Maybe dinner? Traveling home?

# However long it takes to eat and walk.

% I would say it fair to give the Museum two hours. If it takes 1 hour, we'll work from there. If it takes more.. again, this is a flexible schedule.

* Yarn shops

There are a trillion threads talking about different yarn shops to visit. I am going to be sportin' a Metro Card (the $7 fun day one) and somehow figure out how to use the subway - it will probably be the fastest and cheapest mode of transportation. Did I mention easy? I think I have an idea of how to use the subway. Considering these yarn stores aren't right next to each other, we can walk or subway it. The Metro Card pays for itself after three rides (each ride is $2 in case you'd rather pay each time). There are shops in Manhattan as well as Brooklyn, its up to those who want to come along with me.

The Coffeeshop has a thread going about different places to visit. The Harlot herself has this link posted under Yarn Crawls on her Represent page.

I think those are pretty good ways to go, as well as a tour guide on the Represent page has mentioned a few shops I'd like to go to. I'd like to visit as many shops as I can, but I don't want to say, we have exactly 45 minutes in each store! Or be overly adherent to an itinerary. I think the trip could lose its fun.

Send me a message via Knitty's Coffeeshop**,this here blog (comments are enabled, knock yourself out) or email me, the link is on the top left portion of the page. jerseyknitsATyahooDOTcom Change bolded items to @ and .

This is also assuming anyone wants a different schedule than what has been listed. Let me know.


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