March 16, 2007

Local Yarn Stores

I gotta talk about something else. The magnitude of March 22nd is getting to me. Back to my topics.. I created a list of topics I wanted to talk about because I was trying to update more often. Then I got sidetracked. Here's the list:

Topics to be discussed:
-March 22nd NYC trip
-Yarn stores in Southwest Florida
-Spinning wheel
-Yarn (of course!)

I talked about NYC (more times that I'd like to admit), YouTube annnd today I think I'll talk about Southwest Florida yarn shops. Speaking of yarn shops! Oh I'm so happy about this - a new yarn store opened up in Toms River. I stopped in yesterday with my friend about fifteen minutes before they closed. My other "Local" yarn store is in Red Bank and the people there were never very nice to me. There is another shop in Belmar, but I haven't been to it yet. So a new shop opened up, and its not super close to me, but I'd gladly drive there if the owner is going to be nice to me. I think I get treated strangely because I'm young. Perhaps.

As I spoke of in previous posts, my Dad lives in Florida. This means I have a cheap place to stay (and eat, tan and goof off) during my breaks from college. In between the fall and spring semesters I spent about three weeks in Southwest Florida. I love it there, its very nice, cozy, a second home if you will. It's nice to spend an extended period of time there because I tend not to see my dad for stretches of time. That kind of sucks, because we're pretty close, but we did what we needed to. In about two weeks, I'm hopping on a plane and spending my spring break there. (I CAN'T WAIT) In December/January I trolled around looking for yarn stores. Thanks to the Yarn Store Map I found two stores in somewhat close proximity to Dad's house and I took a drive. In a convertible. In January. In 80 degree weather.

(Are you jealous yet? I should mention that its currently about 34 degrees [Fahrenheit] and yesterday it was nearly 75 degrees)

I took a nice drive down to the southern part of Naples, where I found Knitting with Nancy. They were very nice and I bought yarn after I circled the store about four times. I just looked and touched and drooled every so often.

I want to make an ear flap hat, but I haven't had the time.

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That's the bag. I kept it. I like bags. Don't ask....

Here are some pictures of the yarn. The obvious "red" color is not quite that red. I couldn't seem to get the color no matter how many pictures I took. So I gave up.

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It is soooooooo soft. 100% baby alpaca, about 110 yards. The label says Plymouth Yarn - Baby Alpaca Grande Luxury Indiecita Brand. It's soooo very soft. I love it. I really can't wait to use it, but I've been so backed up with The Super First Sweater Extravaganza lately. I finished counting last night. I counted everything about 8 times so I knew I had the right numbers.

Progress is slow, but steady and I can't wait to finish it so I can move onto 23,094,098 other projects I want to make. At least two of which I spotted in Interweave Knits.

Stupid weather. I'm out of it today. I've got some homework and hopefully some knitting to get done today.


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