March 14, 2007

My Little Heartstrings Can't Take it Anymore!

After this post, I think I'm going to watch Bones and work on my sweater. Today wasn't hectic and nothing bad happened, but there is only so much joy and excitement my little heart strings can take.

This is a link to an Evite page that I found coasting around on the Knitty Coffeeshop forum that [I had NO idea even existed, and I'm pretty pissed about my late arrival] I came across in my endevours to hunt down a yarn crawl.

I am a morning person. I eat breakfast. I watch the Today show WHILE eating breakfast. I have got to tell you, I always look at those people with the signs and they're smiley and happy and I always wondered if given the opportunity to hold a sign on [NATIONAL] television, if I'd do it.

The answer, my dear friends, is yes. If given the opportunity - I have to run it by my friend first, this means an extra night in his apartment - yes I would gladly get my spicy little ass up extra earlier to stand in a semi circle around journalists and publicly declare my love for knitting.

I'm going to have to remind my Dad to watch the show. 8 times. I swear. Assuming they talk to us, and assuming I can be short in front of all the tall people. This means I have to wear something really cute. Just... in case.

Then the group is going to eat (excellent idea) and then collectively head down to the Museum of Art and Design and take a peak at the Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting show. I am FLOORED. I can't begin to explain to you how fucking excited I am.

I'm so excited I'm cursing, look what you've done to me! (AHHHHHH) After that it sounds as if they may shop, at yarn stores (I hope) and I'm sure other assorted places.

Senor Padre - ala my Dad, was telling me about this guy who sells coffee from a truck because he was pissed off at Starbucks. He parks his truck IN FRONT of Starbucks in NYC and sells cheap, good coffee.

Link me, cupcake. Mud Coffee I personally enjoy a good vendetta. A good reason to do something. I enjoy the reason this guy waged a small war against a huge, global company. I appreciate him and I want to buy some of his coffee. My mission is to find a truck, and get some coffee.

My Dad was actually in NJ for the past few days - he resides permanently in Southwest Florida. We had breakfast before he left to get on the plane and I tried, desperately to explain to him who Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Elizabeth Zimmerman are. When he didn't get it, I told him to walk into HIS local yarn shop (he has one closer to him in FLORIDA than I do in NEW JERSEY!) and ask the owner to give him some background information.

I'm looking forward to my visit, and eventually finishing my Topic List - which covers two of the yarn stores in his general radius. What a brat, he doesn't know how lucky he is...


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