March 12, 2007

It's Definate.

I was trying not to get my hopes up. About the Harlot on tour in NYC thing. I really was. But I secured the lettuce (also known as cashmoney - or chedda, depending what atrocious MTV fake-ality show you watch..) over the weekend and I will be in NYC March 22nd.

Let the excitementness explode. I am so thrilled that it may burst out of me, and therefore I needed to create a new word. So THERE Webster's. I also have secured a launching pad from which my little excursion will help ...launch me. Technically, I could drive or train it home. No big deal. Except my guestimation is that I will be completely exhausted and although driving or training is possible, I'd rather not.

The fantastic thing about spending the night in a north Jersey apartment is that mid morning Friday, I am tentatively planning a trip to Modern Yarn which is in Montclair. I've been there before, and I am the proud owner of a iKnit shirt.

Excuse me for a second while I bask in my awesomeness, because I had the shirt before it was cool, and it was officially cool in the Winter 06/07 issue of Vogue Knitting's Knit 1 magazine.


(still basking....)

(almost done)

Yeap, okay I'm over myself.

I've been thinking about being a total whackadoodle, what do they call them? Those slutty chicks who follow rock stars around the country. Perhaps it used to be done quite a few years ago. Before I was born. Which was slightly more than 20 years ago..


That's what they're called! Yes! So I was thinking about being a groupie minus the traveling part but I'm missing a key element to being a groupie. Are you ready for this?


Really big boobs. They are (in my opinion) the quintessential thing to being a whackadoodle groupie. And poor Stephanie, would be the rock start in my creepy fantasy. I have to tell you, thanks to Sheila (Knitting By Moonlight)I'm hooked. I'm double pointed needled. I really truly enjoy the Harlot. If I remember long enough I'm going to throw one of her buttons on my site. I am, honestly, so impressed with her writing and her adventures. But I digress.

I have tiny boobs. They're visible enough to discern me from a boy. From the back I've got nice girl hair, so you'd know I'm not a boy. I don't know if boy's have asses like mine, either. Still digressing.. Boobs are tiny. Can't be a good whackadoodle-boob-signing-groupie with size A's. Even in a push up bra. Assuming I owned one. They're tiny.
I guess it depends what I wear, if its easily pull-down-able. The jury is still out, but I think they're leaning towards an acquittal.

I mean with the media supposed to be there... and a Sharpie marker? What would the muggles think? (What do the muggles think when a blonde bimbo with double DD's get her stuff signed by [insert creepy male author here] ? )

NYC, here I come!


Sharon said...

oh darlin, you are so funny. I've never met Stephanie, but I also thought of her as a "rock star" among knitters. I hope your meeting with her is everything you want it to be. By all accounts she is a super lady and above all, she's down to earth and real.

I just had to comment, I surfed Bad Ass Knitters and found ya. :)
Happy knitting

Nikki said...

Well, if you don't ask her to sign your boobs, I'm asking her to sign mine. I mean, *someone's* gotta ask. Hmmm, since both of ours are tiny, she probably couldn't fit the whole name on just one of us, so we could share the honor and have her split it. And no, I have not been drinking (unfortunately).

So that's sweet! You gonna meet me, right, cuz I'm going there. I am so there. How long are you staying?

Anonymous said...

When I first read something from Stephanie, I kept asking other knitters if they had ever heard of her - lol. I am very envious of those going to NYC because I really love it there, but I am doubly jealous because you get to see Stephanie. And she's a really decent person with a super social conscience.