March 09, 2007

The New York City post

I got sick this week which is why I never got around to blogging. I really wanted to. I thought a lot about it, but homework comes first.. when I wasn't doing homework I perfected being a lump on the couch. I'm still sick but I've been DYING to talk about this trip AND (like that wasn't enough) my finances are still way way WAY up in the air so who really knows.

Soooooo I have a PayPal account if you want to donate to the Poor College Student/Knitter Fund. Yeap. I threw that out there. Just in case that guy from Georgia wants to throw me a few.. million.


A girl can dream:)

I decided that I wasn't going to simply see the Harlot herself. I was going to be slightly touristy because if you haven't already heard, The Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting is on display at the Museum of Art and Design. Go, click on the link, and bask in the wonder that is fiber related. It astounds me what people come up with. Little tiny gloves? Holy crap that's fantastic!

As if that wasn't enough museum for one day, just a hop skip and jump away is the Museum of Modern Art, which is always just fantastic. I don't think I've ever been there, you know, afraid of the city and all.

For lunch, yes I have lunch plans picked out, Chipotle is perhaps the BEST taco/burrito/Mexican I have EVER had. A long time ago I took a flight to Los Angeles and was introduced to the bundle of joy burrito. As a snack for the five hour flight home I had one of their burritos, made just the way I liked it and it was amazing. I couldn't wait to eat it and I am drooling thinking about it's burrito-y goodness. The past few times I've been in the city I've stopped at a store to eat.

By now, and far away from my original destination, I should be heading to see The Harlot in her mightiest. I've been told I can buy a book at the signing which is nice, probably what's expected of me. I haven't decided if I'm going to ask the Harlot to sign my boobs. The event, held at the Fashion Institute of Technology will be about 750 knitters representin' our fiber and needles. The media might show up, no real word on that yet and there may also be a Yarn Crawl, again, no real word on that.

Then I'm going home.

But I wanted to leave you with a really happy link. Even if you can't get into the city on a Thursday night, you can always hug. Free Hugs Campaign I'm SERIOUSLY considering making a shirt of my own (you know.. finances....). I probably wouldn't stand on the corner of any street in NYC without a friend to keep an eyeball on me. I'm a tiny person.

But the general idea is you should hug people. Hugs are FANTASTIC! and everyone can use one even if they don't think they need one. Hugs are free so everyone can afford one or a million. Hugs warm the soul.

That's my NYC post. Local knitters are meeting, I've decided to go even though I know I'll be the only person who hasn't gone through menopause. That's the only thing I find is slightly isolating about being a young knitter. The young part.

KNIT! STITCH! BITCH! Be a Bad ASS! have a goooooooood weekend:)!

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Nikki said...

I, for one, think it would be the most hilarious thing ever if you asked her to sign your boobs!